Tampgo's 2024 Social Media Content Planner Calendar


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🌟🚀 Introducing the Tampgo 2024 Social Media Content Planner Calendar 🚀🌟

Unlock the secret to a sensational year of social media success with the Tampgo 2024 Social Media Content Planner Calendar! Designed for content creators, marketers, and business owners who are ready to skyrocket their online presence. 🌐✨

🎯 What's Inside?

366 Daily Content Prompts: Say goodbye to content block with our daily prompts. Ideal for keeping your feed fresh and engaging! 📆🔥 At $97.97 that is just a little more than a quarter, 27¢, a day 😍

    • "Share a throwback photo and the story behind it."

    • "Post a quick tip related to your niche."

    • "Ask your followers a question to encourage engagement."

    • "Feature a customer or fan of the week."

    • "Create a poll to gather opinions on a topic."

Inspirational Monthly Quotes: Start each month with a burst of inspiration. Perfect for staying motivated all year round! 💪🌈

    • January: "New year, new beginnings. Embrace the possibilities that lie ahead."

    • May: "Your potential is endless. Go do what you were created to do."

    • September: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end."

Special Dates & Observances: Never miss an opportunity to connect with your audience on important days. 📅🎉

    • Jan 1 (New Year’s Day): "Share your resolutions or a New Year greeting."

    • Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day): "Post a special offer or love-themed content."

    • Jul 4 (Independence Day): "Celebrate with patriotic-themed posts."

    • Dec 25 (Christmas Day): "Share a holiday message or promotion."

Goal Setting Sections: Set your sights high and track your progress. Each 1st of the month, you will document your Social media numbers so you will be able to easily see your progress. Your 2024 success story starts here! 🌟📈

🔥 BONUS MATERIALS: 380 Viral Video, Caption Hooks, & High Converting CTAs! 🔥

1️⃣ 230 VIRAL VIDEO & CAPTION HOOKS: Stop the scroll with these attention-grabbing formulas! Including:

  • 50 Personal Experience & Transformations Viral Video & Caption Hooks:

           "I was tired of _____" and "From _____ to _____"

  • 50 Educational Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Viral Video & Caption Hooks:

            "Here’s exactly how you’re going to _____" and "These are my top tips for _____"

  • 50 Controversial & Opinions Viral Video & Caption Hooks:

            "Here’s a big fat lie about _____" and "(controversial topic) explained"

  • 50 Fascination & Intrigue Viral Video & Caption Hooks:

            "This is your sign to _____" and "This is the most amazing _____ ever"

  • 30 Point of View & Scenario-based Viral Video & Caption Hooks:

            "POV _____" and "POV: You started _____ here are the results"

2️⃣ 150 HIGH CONVERTING CALL TO ACTIONS (CTAs): Transform your audience into loyal fans and customers!

  • 50 CTAs to Get More Comments (Get More Comments To Boost You In The Algorithm):

            "Comment below {KEYWORD} if you’d like to…" and "Let me know what you think about this"

  • 25 CTAs to Get More Shares (To Reach More Eyeballs):

            "Send this to someone who needs to hear this today" and "Tag your {bestie/partner etc.}"

  • 25 CTAs to Get More Saves (To Boost You In The Algorithm):

            "Save this for later" and "Save this for when you need a reminder"

  • 25 CTAs to Get More Followers (To Grow Your Audience):

           "Follow me for more tips on {your topic}" and "DO NOT follow me if you hate {desired outcome of your audience}"

  • 25 CTAs to Get More Sales (To Grow Your Business):

            "If you found value in this post - you’ll love my {offer}" and "Curious to know more about how I can help you {solve X problem}?"

🎉 Take Your Social Media Game to the Next Level! 🎉

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The "Tampgo 2024 Social Media Content Planner Calendar" is a comprehensive tool designed for social media content planning and strategy. It spans the entire year of 2024 and includes various features to assist in content creation, scheduling, and goal setting. Here's a detailed summary:

  1. Social Media Platform Tracking: The calendar begins with a section to enter current metrics (likes, followers, members, subscribers, views, clients, customers, etc.) across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Telegram, and email lists.

  2. 2024 Goals Setting: It prompts users to set their goals for 2024, with a focus on increasing social media following, enhancing brand visibility and engagement, implementing a diverse content strategy, maintaining regular content scheduling for consistency, and tracking/improving analytics.

  3. Monthly Layout with Inspirational Quotes: Each month features a page with an inspirational quote, setting a positive and motivational tone. The quotes are from various sources, including known figures like Steve Jobs, Theodore Roosevelt, and Arthur Ashe, as well as unknown authors.

  4. Daily Content Prompts: The calendar provides daily content prompts to facilitate regular posting. These prompts cover a wide range of activities, including sharing stories, asking audience questions, reacting to news stories, discussing issues, and comparing products or services. They are designed to increase engagement, shares, sales, and followers, and are adaptable to various niches and industries.

  5. Special Dates and Observances: It incorporates special dates and observances, providing suggestions for related content. For instance, it includes prompts for Western New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentine’s Day, and other significant dates, encouraging relevant and timely content.

  6. Engagement and Sales Focused: The prompts are crafted to boost engagement and drive sales, with calls to action like sharing testimonials, discussing customer problems, showcasing behind-the-scenes activities, and sharing unique benefits of products or services.

  7. Brand and Audience Building: It emphasizes building a brand and connecting with the audience by sharing personal stories, achievements, opinions, and professional insights, thereby fostering a deeper connection with followers.

Overall, the Tampgo 2024 Social Media Content Planner Calendar is a well-structured tool that combines motivational elements with practical daily content prompts, catering to various aspects of social media management and marketing. It’s designed to help users grow their online presence, engage with their audience effectively, and achieve their social media goals for the year.

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